Initiated by Endeavour Mining, ECODEV reflects the group’s commitment to an ambitious social responsibility policy.
Operating within Endeavour’s mining sites ecosystems in West Africa, ECODEV invests in projects with high social and economic impact, and targets creating sustainable growth for local communities.

Initiated by Endeavour Mining

In addition to its CSR activities, which include access to health and education actions, energy and water infrastructure construction, etc., Endeavour Mining is committed to a developing strategy focusing on a sustainable economic development for the local populations living in the areas of its operations.

By investing in the economic ecosystem around the mines it operates, Endeavour Mining intends to initiate profitable and sustainable economic activities, with significant development potential, and share the value created through an inclusive model. ECODEV is the investment holding company created by Endeavour Mining to implement this project.

ECODEV’s mission is to support and accelerate the emergence of national economic champions in West Africa. These local companies have a fast growing scheme and a major positive local impact on employment and value creation, poverty reduction, development of the markets, etc. They create a long-term sustainable economic and social impact on the communities close to Endeavour mining’s operational sites.

The ambition of ECODEV is to invest $ 30 million in some 20 projects (emerging, developing or mature) in 5 years

Vision and goals


ECODEV is managed by classM, a company with a specific expertise in the development of sustainable economic activities in Africa.

The Investment Committee is made up of representatives of Endeavour Mining and other stakeholders engaged on impact investing issues in Africa.

ECODEV thanks you for your interest. We are always looking for passionate people to join our team.

You can contact us via the following address: contact@ecodev-venture.com

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